The ELC scheme is a government-led initiative that aims to promote lifelong learning for members of the UK Armed Forces.

The scheme is managed and administered by the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) as part of the Ministry of Defence. ELCAS provides administrative support and regulates service providers for the ELC scheme.

Your ELC credits can be used both during your period of service and for up to 10 years after leaving

  • After four years’ service you are entitled to lower tier ELC funding of £1,000
  • After eight years’ service you are entitled to higher tier ELC funding of £2,000
  • You are entitled to make up to three claims against the funding scheme, but only one claim in any given financial year
  • Funding will only be applied to courses that have been registered with ELCAS first so please check which course name to put on your form before applying.

Claimants will need to have registered before being eligible for ELC funding.

In order to claim ELC if you are serving in the military you must obtain a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) from your line manager and education staff. If you have left the Forces you can obtain your CAN from your Single Service Representative. Your CAN notification must then be presented to Halton Aeroplane Club before the start date of your chosen course.

For any other information on ELC, visit the ELCAS website.